• Infrastructure

    Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Limited (Formerly known as Manvijay Development Company Limited) first established roots in the Indian market in 2016, with a vision of being the first intuitional joint venture company, committed to share the core benefits creating high standards, strong business ethics, and achieving high ecological and economical gains. Identifying and providing the infrastructure in order to meet the business needs and increase efficiency shall be the main goal of this commitment. Wardwizard, shall go deep into the identification of the location, acquiring the land component, building a super structure on the said land and also provide a comprehensive interior which will fully complement the need of the core business.

  • Financial

    Wardwizard will be strong partners for joint venture companies which will benefit from the operational experience and financial support provided, to deliver flexible capital solutions. As a result, both the parties in the joint venture shall strive to grow together in all areas of the business. The company shall provide the strong arm to push the companies to success by providing a solid infrastructure, financials, and the operational base for the joint company venture. With such a wholesome background, companies would take the shortest time to achieve a high net worth for themselves, Wardwizard and their investors. At Wardwizard, we are a group of highly accomplished professionals who came together to deliver the best industry experience. We will be successfully embedding the joint venture company’s technological expertise, while leveraging the young talent and their ideas transforming the business in all its aspects.

  • Operations

    At Wardwizard, we strive to stay on a long-term association with the companies we share joint ventures all the while staying true to their fundamentals. Being strongly on the real estate side, Wardwizard’s assets control with the joint venture company making true sense for safe investments at all times. Having highly accomplished professionals on their board of directors will allow Wardwizard for a joint venture company to always perform and deliver the best results in the industry/ business/services, by observing Wardwizard’s strict Code of Conduct policy. It is to believe how these three fundamental areas, of infrastructure, finance, and operations, create an extraordinary atmosphere of success, and take Wardwizard’s joint venture company to achieve the highest goals in the industry.

Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Limited (Formerly known as Manvijay Development Company Limited) (CIN: L35100MH1982PLC264042) is a listed company with BSE Ltd and The Calcutta Stock Exchange Limited. The present management of the company has a vision in development of various endeavours, with the focus of providing the three fundamental aspects of existing businesses.